Thursday, July 31, 2014


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At the end of last year, I was inspired by two blog posts I read on Twitter about having a "no office day". To be honest, last year was kind of an accidental no-office day because I had to wear a variety of hats- lunchroom supervisor, front desk receptionist, and even janitor from time to time. Our small school, while amazing to me, struggled to keep everything covered with a very limited staff. This year, our little TK-3 school grows to TK-5th grade and with the addition of students, we were able to add some additional support staff. I'm so excited! I love to be in classrooms, but last year I wasn't able to get in as frequently as I would have liked because we were just so busy!

After reading No Office Day by Matthew Arend and Why we love “no office day”  by Jessica Johnson & William King, I was determined to find a way to get into classrooms on a regular basis this year. In looking at my schedule, it looks like Monday will be the day! My plan is to focus on two grade levels each Monday of the month and schedule a regular date with teachers to spend an hour in their classroom. I'm looking forward to supporting kids and teachers, co-planning, team teaching, whatever! My plan is to start in September. I'm putting it on my calendar and sticking to it. I'm even going to commit to blogging about it just so I can hold myself accountable.

I'm hoping some of my principal/leader colleagues will join me and get out of the office for the day!


  1. Hi Jennifer, you have great timing as I was looking at my "school calendar" yesterday to pick my "No Office Day". Monday just happens to be my day also. I will be spending each Monday at a school site going into classrooms etc... My Superintendent and I will be making sure we are not on the same campus because she too will not be in the office on Mondays. I'll look forward to your posts on this throughout the year!

  2. I guess I'll be having No Office Days every day this year. I just gave my office desk, which I never used, to a new clerk, so unless I want to sit on the floor, it's no office for me! :)