Saturday, March 24, 2018

Challenge accepted... #travelunplugged #afar

Messages come from unexpected places. This magazine comes to my house, addressed to my daughter Hope, who lives in New Jersey. I love magazines, and I read each issue that typically features travel to faraway exotic places with price tags I cannot afford. The photography is beautiful, and I flip through each issue thinking day.

And then the March issue arrived with this on the cover.

Tell. me. more.

Opening to the editor's note, I read the first paragraph where she shares about the time her daughter said, "Mama, you're not listening to my words," as she "mindlessly scrolled through news feeds on her phone". 

Guilty. I try to be present in conversations, but I definitely am tied to my tech. Too much.

And so, I accept the challenge. 

"Commit to taking a trip between February and September and promise not to use your phone or computer. A trip of any duration to any destination, and the idea is truly to disconnect from technology. And then, when you reenter the digital realm, tell us about your experience via the hashtag #travelunplugged."

Tomorrow we head to the coast for two nights, my destination a place with one store, zero cell service, weak wifi in the lodge, and a fabulous view of the ocean.

I can't wait. 

I've got a stack of books and my notebook calling my name.