Saturday, July 26, 2014

Teachers Write July 25: Let it Go

Let it go.

One thing I love about Teachers Write is that choice is built in to every day. July 25th was Feedback Friday, and we are invited to post something we'd like feedback on. Kate Messner gives this great advice on her blog, “Even if you’re not quite ready to share, it’s so interesting to see what others are sharing and how it’s being critiqued. Check it out; you’ll learn a lot. We also have a Friday Feature today – “Letting It Go,” with guest author Kat Yeh."

You can check out the entire Friday Feature post here.
Screenshot from Kate Messner's blog
Before I’ve even read a line from today’s prompt, I’m in. Why?
I have a choice.
Friday Feedback? Friday feature? I could even do both if I wanted! How awesome is that?
Our students must feel this way, too.
I wish I had a big work in progress right now, but I don’t, so as much as I am enjoying reading the feedback for others, I am thrilled to have something else to choose. And it’s inspired by Frozen and Let it go! Woo hoo! I had almost forgotten that song this summer (10 different acts in our school talent show, yes 10, just of THAT song.)
Let it go.
Kat Yeh says in her post, “First of all, it means to put away all plans. All lessons. All outlines. All preconceived ideas. Actually allowing yourself to write without a goal or destination.”
Let it go.
Her second piece of advice is to write about what scares you, your secrets, your experiences and those things you wish you could change.
Let it go.
There are some things that I have never written anywhere. I’m afraid. But after reading Kat’s story, I know that one day I will write about my secrets. They’ll be cleverly disguised and hidden in a work of fiction, but I want to write about those things. Some day.
For now, I’m just going to try to let it go, write, and let loose. Just like Jimmy Fallon in this awesome video! Classroom instruments and all.
Let it go!

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