Thursday, January 1, 2015

#oneword 2015

I love New Year's Eve- the looking forward to all of the possibilities, and looking back, reflecting on the previous year. Over winter break I always get recharged, refreshed, and energized with big ideas for the upcoming year. Having said all of that, I'm not really a fan of resolutions- and I think I'm not alone. But I love the idea of choosing one word to inspire me all year long. Last year, I chose the word "more" (you can read the post here) and was somewhat successful. I did blog more, I read a lot (but not more) and I hardly ran at all. One thing I did like was that each of these goals I could measure, even if I didn't meet them. And I'm ok that I failed.

This year, I've though a lot about my #oneword for this year. I'm not so focused on being measurable this year, and I am instead focused on being happier, healthier, and finding balance.

This year's #oneword?

Less stress.

This past week, I got a manicure and decided to treat myself to a shoulder/neck massage while I was there. It wasn't very expensive, and it was totally worth it! I felt so relaxed afterwards. This year, I plan to take more time for things that make me slow down and relax.

Less homework.

I'm not talking about homework for kids-- homework for me. As much as possible this year, I'm going to leave my work at school. The paperwork, the stuff that can wait until the next day. This is not to say I won't blog about work or connect with colleagues and friends after work via Twitter or Voxer-- those things inspire me! But I will definitely try to focus on my family, my puppies, and me when I am at home.

Less books.

Yes, I said less books. I'm setting a lower Goodreads goal this year. Two years ago I read 108 books, and in 2014 I read 73. I felt like I read a lot, but in neither year did I reach my goal-- in 2013 my goal was 365, and in 2014 my goal was 109. So in spite of reading a ton, it feels a little like I failed. So, my 2015 Goodreads goal is 52. One book a week. I'm confident I can accomplish that goal. When I was in the classroom, I read so many picture books that my overall total was much higher. I still love picture books, but I'm finding most of my books are novels, many that I read as part of my book club. Most weeks I read, and some weeks I don't. But I do definitely read quite a bit over long weekends and holidays. So I am hopeful and excited about reading and meeting my goal this year!

Less hours.

I still need to exercise, and lately I have really enjoyed getting back into walking with friends. It's not too hard to do that over vacation breaks, but it is a challenge during work time, especially when it's dark by around 5:00. So, to be able to exercise, I will need to leave work earlier. It's that simple.

Less stress. Less homework. Less books. Less hours. Here's to a great year of happiness, health, and balance! I'm hoping less is more!

What's your #oneword for 2015?

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