Sunday, January 25, 2015

The best thing? Learning. #youredustory

There are many things I do in my day-to-day job as an elementary principal. Signing paperwork. Sending parent communications. Drop off in the morning and pick up in the afternoon. The variety can be best described as exhausting and exhilirating and I love, love my job. The best thing in my job? Hands down, it's learning. Every single day I learn.

I learn with kids. I learn from kids.
Every Monday is No Office Day for me. No meetings. I spend the entire day with kids and teachers and I love it. I learn from the amazing teachers in our school and I connect with kids. Most days, I'm rarely in my office, but on Monday I'm never there. You can read more about No Office Day in a blog post I co-wrote with some administrator colleagues this past fall.

This kinder needed me to help him tie his shoe
and needed a hug
Kids helping each other learn
First graders learning about
technology and collaboration
Learning from Kate Messner
in an all school author Skype
Writing about learning
Phonics is fun when you teach it like this!
This kinder student shares her writing!
Learning about history at Angel Island
Learning about teamwork and history

Showing what we know in Minecraft Club
Learning that kids love to dance!
Learning the name of every student
Learning that all kids should love school 
Learning to knit
Learning that kids already "get" selfies in TK!
 Learning from other amazing educators

My friend and amazing principal Amy Fadeji inspires
me every day! This is us at New Year's in Truckee and 9 degrees!
A Google doc where leaders from across the country
share ideas from our Voxer chat
#leadwild is our hashtag
Hosting a Project GLAD training at our school
I'm often asked if I miss being in the classroom, and there are some things I miss. But  really, I feel like the whole school is my classroom and we are all learning together! I learn from the parent who calls with concerns about hot lunches or the parking lot. I learn from the child who won't come out from under the table and feel so lucky that I can take the time to just sit and listen and be there for that child. I couldn't do that when I had 25 students. Every picture in this post I took with my phone. How lucky I am to be a part of all of this? I am grateful to have teachers who provide me with honest feedback that helps me to grow as a leader and person. I treasure the connections I have with passionate and reflective school leaders, near and far who teach me about things like growth mindset, mindfulness, and play. They help me make decisions that always keep kids at the center.

My job? Learning. It's the best thing. 

This is part of the #youredustory blog challenge. It's not too late to join!

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you dedicate a whole day to spending time with students and teachers. I know of principals that rarely do this and I know of some that are rarely seen at all.