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Planning for Digital Learning Day-- Part 1: Looking back at #DLDay 2013

Digital Learning day is coming soon! I can't wait. Last year at this time I was teaching first grade and planning for my first Digital Learning Day. I had no idea what I was doing but I was excited anyways! My kids were enthusiastic about everything, so I knew that no matter what I planned we would have fun and we would learn a lot! 

Why am I reposting my blog about last year's Digital Learning Day? And why is this post titled "Part1"? 

I loved last year's #DLDay. Looking back at my post, I miss that class! I will never forget their excitement as they taught each other how to take pictures with our iTouch, or how excited I was that the biggest word in our "favorite things about first grade" wordle was LOVE and not recess! I remember setting up our classroom computers for their collaborative Google doc stories about penguins and Antarctica, and the best thing about those stories wasn't the stories at all. It was watching them talk to each other, watching them help each other as they spelled tough words, and watching them gently point out the correct letter on the keyboard for a classmate. Love.

I set up the digital tools and got out of the way. For over two hours, my students moved around the room as they selected from the various tools for the day. Paper notebooks. The iTouch. Computers. Chart paper for our Top 10 book voting. Sentence strip tweets. There was no schedule, although I did model and explain everything before we began.

100% engagement. By far my biggest takeaway from last year's Digital Learning Day! I was blown away by my students- and what they did when given time, freedom, and choice. 

This is why I'm excited to be planning for Digital Learning Day this year. 

Why Part 1? Well... there were some obstacles last year. Big ones. Frustrating ones. But I'll save that for another post! Coming soon...Part 2: What a difference a year makes! Planning for #DLD2014 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this look back!

Did you participate in #DLDay last year? Are you planning for this year? Visit for tons of ideas and information!

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Jen and Kellee host this meme- be sure to stop by and comment on their wonderful blog:

Celebrating Digital Learning Day

February 6, 2013

First, the perfect book...
hello! hello! By Matthew Cordell

From Outside the world is bright and colorful, but Lydia's family is too busy with their gadgets to notice. She says Hello to everyone. Hello? Hello! Her father says hello while texting, her mother says hello while working on her laptop and her brother doesn't say hello at all. The T.V shouts Hello! But she doesn't want to watch any shows. Lydia, now restless, ventures outside....

Next, we sent off a tweet to another first grade class:

@burley106 Happy DLDay @Burley106 @firstgradethinks from California

A little while later came the reply:

@jkloczko thank you for your tweet! We're having a wonderful #DLDay #burley106
Then, to celebrate Digital Learning Day, we completed five digital learning tasks during our Writer’s Workshop. Students moved through all of the activities, helping and teaching each other throughout the morning.

1. Collaborate on an Antarctica team story! One cold day in Antarctica...

2. Wall of Tweets- 140 characters on a sentence strip! What do you want the WORLD to know about our class?

3. Top 10 - Animoto movie! Vote for your favorite read aloud!

4. Wordle- What do you love about 1st grade? Write ONE sentence...

5. Digital images- with the Itouch, take one photo of an object in our classroom
Here's a sample!

What are you reading and writing? Tell us about your favorite digital tool!

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