Friday, January 17, 2014

A crazy day in the life of a principal. In prose.

Crazy picture. Crazy day.  Flickr image credit Moffoys
6:30 am.
On the road, cruising in the carpool lane
for the first time this week.
Suddenly, in the darkness I see
soaring towards me
a giant
Hefty bag filled with
I slow and swerve but it hammers 
my hybrid anyways.
Trash flies everywhere and I keep going.
Later I hear on the radio there was an accident
due to garbage on the freeway.
I was lucky.

On to school, yard duty’s not coming.
No lunch for me.
I am the yard duty.
And the lunch lady, the yogurt opener, the orange peeler for the littles.
The airplane toy fixer.
Except it takes forever to find just the right
Allen wrench.

At the front desk, it’s usually
Not today.
“Can I get a cleanup in room 120?”
I didn’t say that exactly.
Before calling home to mom 
after one poor first grader
loses his lunch.

In the parking lot,
more adventure.
Usually, pick up works like clockwork.
One broken down car in the way gave me
excellent practice
directing traffic.

Today was crazy, in a good way.
I call it a test of the system.
It worked.
We followed the number one rule of life.
Thanks, Joe.

Still smiling. Headed home.
No trash in the roadway, just traffic.
The weekend is here.
Time for a
chilled glass of hooray.

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  1. Day in the life of a Principal, never dull, yoga works for me!