Thursday, January 9, 2014

#nerdybookclub Friday

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At my school, Friday is free dress day for kids. Casual Friday for grownups. Kids and teachers alike look forward to this day every week. On other days at our school, students wear uniforms- some combination of red, black white, and khaki and the grownups wear what I call "professional-practical" or "comfy-cute". We love casual Fridays! I usually wear a school shirt or sweatshirt and my sparkly jeans. But I've been trying to solve a problem.

I bought myself a Nerdy Book Club shirt for Christmas. Okay, two. (I needed a short sleeve and long sleeve!) I have been looking for a way to work it into my casual Friday wardrobe. It's white. It's plain. It might be too casual for casual Friday.

And then today I was talking to Tammy, one of my third grade teachers about Goodreads and reading goals. I mentioned I had written a post about my 2013 Goodreads #failure-- reading 108 books instead of my 365 goal. "Would you come talk to my class about that? About your reading goals?"

Problem solved! I can't wait to talk to her class about reading goals and even my epic failure from last year. I love to read and I love to talk about books! And I know just what I'm going to wear.

My Nerdy Book Club shirt. It's perfect.

Check out the Nerdy Book Club at!
Book goals inspired by #nerdybookclub on Twitter and Donalyn Miller-- we're wild readers at my school!

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