Sunday, January 8, 2017

Confessions from an aspiring minimalist

This winter break was a short one for me- out on December 21st and back to work on January 3rd. I couldn't wait for the break and really had nothing on the calendar. I was so excited. My to-do list included reading and sleeping in-- no alarm clock days the whole break.

My break featured napping.  I thought about trying to read 5 books before January arrived so I could meet my Goodreads 40 book challenge.  Checked in on Facebook. And on December 28th Carly Rohrbacker posted this:

Minimalism. White houses with nothing in them? That's what I thought of. And yet the clutter around my house was really stressing me out. I needed some inspiration and I decided to watch.

It was amazing, and not at all what I thought. Here is the trailer.

And I realized that at the heart of minimalism, it wasn't about having stark empty houses at all, although less stuff is definitely part of it. It's about simplifying. It's about loving LIFE, and not things. 

Does what you have bring you joy?

The book The More of Less defines minimalism in this way:
This idea and the movie inspired me to act- and by the end of break I had donated 23 bags of clothes, thrown away things that we no longer need, or use, and cleaned and organized my two bedrooms, two bathrooms, my kitchen, and MY CLOSET. My closet has space left in it now.

In my organizing, I found some things I had forgotten about. This cute wallet, and the shirt with a message I LOVE made the cut.

 And I did buy a new shower curtain, on sale, which I really needed. This one is filled with quotes. My favorite? "Find joy in the journey." It makes me happy every time I see it!

The documentary was filled with other resources for learning more about this living simply mindset. I heard from the author of this book (who I discovered was living in Davis and Sacramento at the time she wrote the book), and her journey to having less. She now lives in a tiny 128 square foot home-- which I'm not ready for- but still am inspired by! I highly recommend this book, and it may be one of my favorites from this year. It also is not about having a tiny house, but about finding happiness. Tammy Strobel also blogs at .

The guys in the documentary also threw out a challenge which I decided to try... traveling with only a backpack the next time you fly. I usually pack way too many outfits, even when I don't check bags. Challenge complete! I did take my purse, and my backpack carried outfits for two days, my walking shoes and some exercise clothes, my hair straightener, makeup, and everything I needed for presenting at a two day conference. I didn't have to decide what to wear since I only had two outfits- so easy! And I learned I could have brought less. I will be doing this again!

So, while I am not a minimalist YET, I am inspired to simplify even more. As you look around your house, or office, does what you see bring you joy? If not, consider donating it, or tossing it. I'm so excited to continue finding joy in this journey!
From the book "The More of Less"


  1. Thanks to you I am on the same journey. I will not part with the things I have collected on my wonderful travels or the thoughtful gifts from my family and friends but I do have lots that is just cluttering my journey. Each day I am cleaning one drawer or area. The book talked about 50 sweaters. Don't even want to count mine. Shoes, another problem to tackle. It is so different from organizing!

  2. This is a great! 👍 Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great! 👍 Thanks for sharing!