Friday, September 1, 2017

No such thing as an original idea --part two #kindkidsclub

This. One view. And Caroline Hines, our counselor came to me and asked, "Do you think we could do this school-wide?"


And there was no looking back. She took this AMAZING idea and came up with a school wide kindness curriculum-- each grade being the Kind Kids Club and performing random acts of kindness one month at a time. Depending on the grade, community, home, and school acts of kindness were planned. And one class at a time, Caroline created a school (Star Academy- @staracdemyncs) where kindness rules! All this for free, or very close to it. Costs are small, and materials include t-shirts for capes, paint, crayons, markers, and read-alouds. And the impact was clear- she measured it with student, teacher, and family surveys via Google forms.

The outcome? ONE HUNDRED percent of students could define kindness and feel it in our school. One hundred percent.

Free. Or close to it.

This August, I moved to a new school, and the Kind Kids Club is coming with me! I will be starting next week with first grade and can't wait to share my cape and be Captain Kindness! One of my principal friends, Rachael Peck, (@rachaelpeck23) will be kicking off kindness at her school too!

Would you like to spread kindness in your school? Join us! We would love to take the Kind Kids Club coast to coast! Tweet me (@jkloczko) or Caroline Hines (@cjh_counselor) and we would love to share the Kind Kids Club plan with you! 

Be kind. Pass it on!