Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Principal's Life #everywhere

I am not alone. I am not alone. Other principals share my struggle. It is impossible to be everywhere, and some days it feels like I'm nowhere but my office. Most days I feel like I don't connect enough. Get in classrooms enough. Hug enough. I am not alone.

Yesterday's Voxer conversation with my Principals In Action group started with a question from Scott Simpson, an elementary principal in Florida was just what I needed on my commute! How can we be everywhere? First, it is always a relief to just to hear that others struggle like me. And second, several ideas that inspired me and gave me some real actionable ideas that make me feel like I can do better, starting tomorrow.
  1. Brad Gustafson shared his idea that he tracks both relational and instructional rounds on a spreadsheet- collecting data as he goes to tell him where he's been, and where he hasn't.
  2. Shayna Peeff shared that on Mondays and Fridays she tries to get into all classrooms for a quick check in, and that on Tuesdays through Thursdays she focuses on a grade level or two for longer visits.
These two ideas inspire me to create a Google form to check in where I go and why. Is it a relationship check in? Or am I checking out student learning? Or connecting with one of our VIP students who might need some extra love?

Then, I thought about posting a QR code in each room so I could quickly scan to access the form, which includes a few questions, the room numbers, and a space for a few notes. Here is my QR code to access the form. Scan it to try it out!
Some principals wondered if teachers would mind that a QR code would be posted in rooms. If that's an issue, another principal suggested putting the QR code on a keychain. Or you could add a shortcut to your phone. Easy access to track visits. Where and why :) *** update*** I added the shortcut to my home screen on my phone. 

So, I may no be able to be everywhere, every day. But at least I will know where I've been! 

Are you wondering how to create a QR code? Just add a Chrome Extension to shorten your URL on the fly!
Add this extension in the Chrome Store

Shorten the url

Create the QR code!

Good luck in your quest to be #everywhere! If you make this idea better, and I know you will, please share!