Monday, January 1, 2018

Passionate Readers #readingidentity

I'm reading Pernille Ripp's Passionate Readers and am just finishing up the first chapter focused on teacher reading identity. I love that THIS is where the book begins, and am reminded of how important it is for us to live as readers and share our reading lives with students. Just seven pages in, Pernille poses these questions for reflecting on our own reading identity. They definitely gave me a lot to think about!

Are you a reader? Yes!

What types of books do you reach for when you are relaxing? All kinds! Inspirational professional books, historical fiction, and mystery are probably my favorites.

What types of books do you abandon? This question was interesting, I don't think I have ever officially abandoned a book- that feels a bit like quitting. But there are definitely books that I have stopped reading and they live in my to read pile. Some I may never go back to. I think about Daring Greatly, a book I loved. I started it and just couldn't get into it, and about a year later I went back to it and read it in a few days. I think sometimes it's just not the right time for a book. Or maybe I need to get better at actually abandoning books. Why do I feel bad about breaking up with a book? I have issues.

How quickly do you abandon a book? See above.

How do you share what you have read with others? I share in person, on Voxer, at book club, in Facebook groups, on Goodreads, and on Twitter. And I blog. I used to share more with students when I was in the classroom. I want to get better at this as a principal.

Whom do you share it with? Friends, family,  and colleagues in my school and district and across the country.

What would you like to do when you have finished a book? Put it on my Goodreads list. Because goals. 

How do you do in book discussions? I like to listen and talk.

What are your book gaps, meaning what do you not read? Ew to science fiction. I have tried and tried. I just can't get into that genre. My book club even did a gap challenge as a theme one time and I still had a hard time.  Dystopian is as close as I can get. I also don't love classics. But I do like mostly everything else!

Would you consider yourself a bad, average, or good reader? Good.
What type of reading experience would you like your students to have? I want them to love reading and to feel like they are readers!

My most recent book stack. I did finish The BFG and The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and have added a few new books since this picture was taken. So many books!

Create. Capture. Share. #oneword

I have a love/hate relationship with goals. I love setting them and having something to strive for. I hate not meeting them. Most goals are easy to measure-- like my Goodreads goal to read 40 books-- you either meet it or you don't. Choosing one word to inspire me all year feels a little like having a goal, but it's SO hard to measure. My word last year was joy, (and the years before that less and more) and I can say without a doubt that joy, my one word, was on my mind all year, even when I didn't feel joyful. That word powered everything from what I wore (what made me feel happy and beautiful) to how I chose to spend my time. I said no to things that did not bring me joy, and said yes to a new job in a new school and district that is filled with joy! Even my no-freeway commute across Folsom Lake brings me joy.

And so, maybe the point of choosing one word isn't really about 'making' a goal, but rather being mindful of that word in my personal and professional life all year. 

On choosing MY word...
My one word for 2018 has been knocking gently on my door the last few months, whispering in my ear, "here I am!" It feels like both a gift and a challenge. To create. To capture. To share. 

This year, I'm looking forward to creating moments in my personal life and in my work. Personally, I can't wait for more date nights and quality time with my husband. My oldest daughter's wedding in July, and the college graduation of my youngest daughter in May. I can't wait for more walks to take in some sunshine or to see a beautiful view. At work, I'm excited to create moments for students and our staff. Even little moments matter-- I was reminded of this by a first grader on our last day before break. She said, "My mom said today we're having a dance party!" and I realized that it was in fact Friday and I had forgotten to bring out the disco ball speaker like I do every Friday. Although I had forgotten, she hadn't. From that very first Friday lunch dance party in September when she drew me a picture and gave it to me, that moment which seemed small wasn't at all. 

In 2018, we are working hard as a school to think about how we can create moments for our students, everything from learning experiences to field trips to transforming classrooms. I have loved trying this out as a school leader by trying to create moments in staff meetings -- like the one meeting I tried transforming our meeting into a VIP lounge including jazz music and student bouncers checking in our teachers at the door. 

I also tried creating little moments in December (this can seem like the longest month of the year!) with an elf scavenger hunt and 12 days of cheer, and I found that even the planning and organizing the little moments made me happy!

Capture and Share.
I always have my phone with me and I love taking pictures to capture moments! Everything from a beautiful view, to my dogs, to the stack of books I want to read, I take pictures all the time! I do a decent job of capturing moments, and I need to do a MUCH better job of sharing. I'm always amazed at what I find in my camera roll at the end of the week and this year I want to share more of the moments I capture through blogging and tweeting. For some reason I have gotten behind on both fronts and I look forward to sharing more this year. 

Happy New Year! I wish you a year filled with moments and a year you will never forget!

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