Monday, February 17, 2014

#CUERockstar Napa: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy & Why I Love My School

First follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

Why I love my school:

There are a few videos I could watch over and over and this is one of them. I had the chance to see it again this past weekend at CUE Rockstar in Napa. Now, I know that if I asked any of my friends or colleagues, they will ALL say that I'm the shirtless dancing guy. And I am! However, this is not the important thing about this video. At my school I asked these questions: Are you the shirtless guy? The lone nut? Are you the first follower? Do you love to dance?

No matter if we are the crazy one to start the dance, the first follower, or one who joins in later, the important thing about our school is that we all dance! All of us! As I was walking my crazy cute puppy around the block today, I could quickly think of an instance where every one of our staff members did something new, fun, or amazing that inspired each of us to think about trying something different. As I start the process of finding new staff members to join our team for next year, I'd really like to just show them this video and ask them if they're ready to dance with us! I love, love my team because they dance their bootays off!

Just dance.


  1. You're so lucky that YOU ALL DANCE! I am finding more and more colleagues to dance with me. Paula and I had a great discussion of her take on that video yesterday. I am the shirtless dancing guy and she is the first real follower. She is excited about being a lead learner for her students. She has been doing this all year. Now she actually has a name for what she is doing. She's teaching a new class this year AP Calculus and the learning curve is very steep. It is so cool to be the shirtless dancing guy and watching the first follower TAKE WING!

  2. Jen, I love this post! I feel the same way; I "present" because I want to learn with others. There is nothing more fun than when what you have to share sparks conversation and the ideas begin to fly. This is true for my classroom also and I'll dance with you anytime.