Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Unicorns and rainbows. #joy #sparkle

I've seen the posts on Facebook. The ones where people say they are tired of people who just post happy stuff. That it's fake.
No one's life can possibly be all unicorns and rainbows.

Are they talking about me?  Sometimes I think so. I don't lead a perfect life, far from it, but I do try to post positively on social media.
Sunsets. Clouds. Cute kids. Books and people I love. Quotes. Things that inspire me. Kittens.

I get it.

I understand that people might think I'm not real, that my life is all sparkle and sunshine.
It's not. I struggle. I am afraid.
Life can be exhausting and frustrating. I need to exercise more.
We need a new roof.

But there is a reason I post happy thoughts and positivity from the land of unicorns and rainbows.

Do you remember Hanz and Franz?

I'm kind of old, so I do! And every day I'm looking for joy- positive things in life that pump me up emotionally and power me throughout the day. Finding things to be grateful for. That remind me to be happy even when I'm not feeling that way.

This is where the sparkle came from- a tough year I didn't think would ever end, years ago. That year, I started wearing sparkly things as a reminder to myself to stay positive, to smile, and that eventually, hopefully, I would feel better.

The whole fake it 'til you make it thing.

This is why my closet is filled with sparkly things. A little secret about me... if you see giant sparkly jewels on me, first they are FAKE. Second, I might need a hug. Third, I'm not at all fancy but I believe in sparkle power- a glittering necklace or bling-y ring can remind me that joy might be just around the corner!

So the next time you see me post, know that I'm just a regular girl with hopes, dreams, and my own problems.

Personally, I think unicorns and rainbows are pretty awesome.


  1. Love this! Keep up the positivity. We all need it sometimes and is great to know where we can get it

    1. Thanks Tammy! I'm here to sparkle for you, or you can pick up your own in the sparkle section of Target, lol!

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  2. Love positive real people. No alternate facts needed when you are real!

  3. Such a great post Jennifer! Keeping it real and sparkly and I wouldn't expect anything different from you. It's perfectly fine to not always be bubbly and sparkly. Sometimes we need a little help or time or a hug to get that sparkle back. Your outlook on life is so positive :)

  4. So some people are just born with GLITTER in their veins so SPARKLE on!!!