Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Keep calm and keep calm

This was me yesterday. 

My first sick day this year, and the first time I've had the flu since 2012! I was definitely not making it to work. After going straight to bed at 4:30 the day before, I woke up at my usual time and sent off an email letting my team know I wouldn't be in. And then I went back to sleep. And I didn't worry at all.

I ended up sleeping off and on until 3 that afternoon. It was just what I needed. Did I think about my school throughout the day? Absolutely. But I didn't worry at all. I felt calm. I was able to rest and take care of me. 

I've been working hard at this calm thing. And I think I'm finally getting the hang of it. Here are some things that help me practice being calm so I can stay calm when things get rocky. 

1. I listen to instrumental piano on my commute to and from work every day. My favorite? George Winston Pandora. I love the quiet start and finish to my work day. Here is one of my favorites - Collage by Silvard (a mix with The Rainbow Connection)

On Facebook yesterday, Oprah posted something about the best morning routine for your zodiac sign. Coffee and quiet music? Nailed it! Check it out here.

2. I have been working hard to practice gratitude. Whether it's by sending a card or appreciating someone in person, or even just writing things down in my Panda Planner that I am grateful for, I find that intentionally being grateful helps me feel more positive throughout the day.

3. I choose my attitude. Traffic is a huge bummer, and lately with all of the rain there has been a lot of it both to and from work. Today a 35 minute commute took me an hour and 20 minutes. I was going to be cutting it close. In years past I would have been upset and worried. But lately I've taken a different attitude about traffic. It's a chance to notice the clouds, to breathe, and to be still. I am rarely still at work. So, traffic still isn't my favorite, but I'm choosing to embrace it as an opportunity to be mindful. Maybe it's a sign to slow down. People sure drive more safely when traffic is slow!
Mindfulness in motion. Or not. Traffic stopped...
4. I surround myself with positivity. Here are a few signs in my living room that make me happy.

5. Perhaps the biggest change that has helped me to be more calm is not me at all. I've really tried to build capacity at school so that we all lead together. I say yes when people ask if I need help. We are a team. And yesterday, when I was sick, and this morning when I arrived a little late, I had total faith in the team at our school-- this is why I didn't worry. Drop off? No worries, awesome parents and our custodians had it covered, disco ball speaker and all. This was my view this morning when I arrived late:
Vini, our custodian rocking the crosswalk!
Francisco and Roger, our other two custodians
and Terry, a parent-- greeting kids at drop off!
One campus supervisor out sick? No worries, our office team had it covered before I arrived at work today. Teacher goes home sick? No sub? No worries! Our teachers step up every time, embrace a few more kids for the day and the days goes on without a hitch. No principal? No problem. Amy Kahler leads our school as our TOSA and I have total confidence in her when I am gone, planned or unplanned. I am so thankful and grateful to be surrounded by amazing people. 

It takes a village. And it's so much better if we don't try to do it alone. 

And so I practice being calm. And when the bumps come, and they do, I'm ready.

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