Saturday, July 9, 2016

Quality Time #NAESP16

First, full disclosure. It's a REAL goal of mine to write more often and to write shorter posts when I do write. All this week during my time in DC for the 2016 NAESP conference, I've been composing blog posts in my mind... and they were getting pretty long. And yet, I couldn't find the right words to put on the page. I decided it would be better to write a few short posts. We'll see if I'm successful at keeping this one brief!

This morning I wrote my first post since March on the plane ride to from DC to my connecting flight in Dallas-- and I wrote until my laptop battery died, charging it up promptly upon arrival in Texas. 

And then my flight was delayed. Seven hours in the Lone Star state waiting for thunderstorms to clear. I read a little and wrote in my notebook, going old school with paper and pen, preparing for two book chats later in the week.

Interestingly, the chapter I'm reading in Hacking Leadership is all about building relations ships, and Joe and Tony talk about balancing real time and virtual connections- it's not enough to send emails or thank you cards, or to connect just face to face.

And it reminded me of a book I had read recently--The Five Love Languages. Truly, this book is about building relationships with your spouse, and understanding what fills your love/happiness bucket. Full disclosure- I heard about it from Jen Duston, another principal I'm connected to on Voxer, and was interested in the content--but not really reading it related to my marriage at first. I read it in one night and my mind was blown- and I realized that this book has real relevance for ANY relationships - at home or at work.

Fast forward to NAESP this week, where I was SO excited to meet so many principals who I considered friends but most I had never met face to face. We hugged, we rode the ferris wheel, we laughed, we learned, and we had real face to face conversations about our life and our work and our passions. This picture was taken the first day of the conference and it seemed like we had known each other forever!

The second day, we decided to ride the ferris wheel. Yep, eight principals do fit in one car! 

The third day, the conference ended earlier than I had expected, so Brandon Blom and I Ubered out to sightsee since our flight didn't leave until the next day. So hot, and so fun!

So, remember that balance of virtual and face to face connections Joe and Tony were talking about in their book? Months of corresponding via a walkie-talkie app had allowed us to build relationships prior to arriving in DC -- and it was SO awesome to spend real, quality time together!

And that's when I realized that we were all speaking the same language! Seriously, MY two top love languages are words of affirmation and quality time. This conference was filled with positivity, inspiring words and moments I will treasure forever. My bucket is full!

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The graphic below describes the qualities of the five love languages, and if you haven't read the book, take a few minutes to take the quiz and see what your love language is-- it was eye opening for me, and really I think would be powerful to know about our colleagues or significant others.

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  1. Thank you for a great post about your amazing conference/trip. I'm not a principal, but I learned so much from this. Thanks.