Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Giver: the only book movie I've ever loved

Usually, I don't like movies made from books. I will never forget how excited I was to see Tom Cruise in The Firm by John Grisham and then how disappointed I was in the movie after reading the book. After that, I pretty much expected all book movies to be a weak substitute for the original. 

Until now.

My old copy

I first read The Giver years ago and I remember feeling so secretive knowing that some schools had banned it for being too controversial. I've read it several times since then, most recently last summer when I read the whole four book series-- and I didn't know until last summer that it was even a series!

Today, when I saw the movie, I fell in love. In some ways, I enjoyed the movie more than the book-- and I LOVED the book. I found myself trying to remember the words from the book to go along with the images I was seeing and the sounds I was hearing. The most powerful idea in the book-- that people live without emotion, without passion, without love, without music was made so deeply moving by the movie with stunning photography, beautiful sunsets, and images that conveyed every emotion from pain to joy. All those things that I had tried so hard to visualize in the book were incredible on screen. Here's the trailer for the movie if you aren't convinced to see it yet!

Over the years, there have been a few movies that I enjoyed after reading the books- even if the storyline was changed a little. Some of my favorites include the UK versions of any of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series, The Help, and Sarah's Key. 

But none of those I loved like The Giver. I'd love to hear your thoughts on books made into movies!

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  1. Our teacher read The Giver to us as a read-aloud every afternoon following recess in 4th grade. I still remember everyone in the class begging her to read another chapter when she tried to move onto something else! I had no idea it was a series! The movie looks great! The Kite Runner and The Lovely Bones were both books I read first and then watched as movies later. I thought in these two cases, the movies did not meet my expectations (because I loved the books so much!)