Sunday, December 1, 2013


image from Colby Sharp's blog

I wasn't part of the original conversation, but I want in! On Colby Sharp's blog post, he describes #nerdlution as:

Screenshot from @colbysharp blog
This blog post arrived at a perfect time. During this holiday break, I've been thinking a lot about needing to take more time to do things that are important to me. To read more. To exercise more. To write more. I love, love my new job but it's definitely been a challenge to find time to do these things-- I just need to make time. So, I'm super excited that round 1 of #nerdlution starts tomorrow! My #nerdlution is to read, write, and exercise every day for the next 50 days. I'm going to cut myself a little slack by not including an amount of time each day. Some days there is just more time. But I'm in! I also love the idea of having a Twitter community to share with. So if you'd like to join #nerdlution, just link up your blog past at Colby's blog and use the hashtag #nerdlution to share! This round of #nerdlution runs from December 2nd through January 20th. I can't wait to hear your #nerdlution! 

What would you like to make a habit?


  1. Great goals for #nerdlution Jennifer! Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Thanks, Joel! I look forward to hearing about your goals, too!