Sunday, December 8, 2013

Inspiring #booklove-- Author Visit with Erin Dealey

On the Friday before our Thanksgiving break, we had a very special day- Erin Dealey, an amazing author from Placerville visited our school! This past summer, I had entered our school to win A Skype party with Erin, but we are located so close that Erin decided to make it a school visit! Here are some shots from the assembly!

Erin Dealey has written several books including Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox and Little Bo Peep Won't Go To Sleep.

Most recently, she published Deck the Walls, a funny story about the kid's table at a holiday dinner. In the week before Erin's visit, I visited our classes to read Erin's newest book. Since I am no longer in the classroom, reading to students is one of my favorite things! Over 70 students purchased Deck the Walls and had it signed by the author! At the assembly, students from every grade level helped act out the book. We had a great time! Check out this video with some images from the day. 

My favorite part of the day wasn't the book, or even the assembly. It was Erin's message to our students that inspires each of them to love reading... and writing. How much do you LOVE this picture of our students waiting in the pickup line after school, reading Erin's book together? Hashtag for this day? #booklove for sure!

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