Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Crank it up! #kidzbop

Today I was talking with a teacher and the conversation went to Kidz Bop... and it was brought to my attention that not everyone likes Kidz Bop-- shocking! :) And so, I took the opportunity to encourage my staff to please ask me anything, and to feel free to share thoughts and feedback --about anything! I appreciate knowing what people are thinking! No offense Kidz Bop, but I DO wonder if the only people buying the music are all of us principals with disco ball speakers!

From the "ask Jennifer anything" files... here is how the conversation could go... And please read with all of the humor and sarcasm intended :)

Teacher: Hey, Jen! Kidz Bop sucks!
Me: Right???
Teacher: Why do you play it every frickin' morning outside?
Me: Cuz that's how we roll in TK-5 land-- the land of rated G :/

Seriously, I cracked up all the way home and am most worried that people think I actually like Kidz Bop. It's mostly TERRIBLE. Especially Maroon 5's latest "Cold"-- I love that song and the Kidz Bop version sucks. See exhibit A.

I giggled at the thought of my teachers picturing me in my car listening to it. Nope, mostly all I listen to has profanity and sexual innuendo sprinkled throughout. Remember, Adam and Maroon 5 are my jam. And when my kids were little and in my car, they listened to a lot of it, too. As their mom, I could choose that. But as an elementary principal, I listen to Kidz Bop for two reasons.

Reason #1: It's always appropriate. In a school where we have to be G and can't show a PG anything without parent permission, I know that sucky Kidz Bop is SUPER appropriate. Like Uptown Funk and put some water in it appropriate! With all of our customers under 11, I have to put out G music. Some of what I play isn't Kidz Bop, like Celebration, Can't Stop the Feeling, and the crowd favorite instrumental version of Ice Ice Baby. Awe-some! So audience matters and there is that.

Reason #2: I'm totally lazy. I can click "BUY" and get Kidz Bop super appropriate music without breaking a sweat. I have no time, passion, or talent for editing the f word or sh** out of songs. I will NEVER forget a first grader singing me Thrift Shop in class. Super nasty -- google that song and you will never EVER be able to unsee those words! I was going to write a song parody once to that song. Once I read the lyrics I just couldn't...

Having said all of that... I'm hoping someone on my staff is talented and passionate about editing music and wants to create amazing G versions of real songs! Any Maroon 5, yes, please!  I'd love to have some kid friendly tunes that don't suck on my 2010 iPod touch. Yes, my iPod touch.
Don't judge.

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