Sunday, February 14, 2016

Let's share the AMAZING! #savmp

I love being part of the School Administrators Virtual Mentor Program and each month we have a blogging prompt. This month we're sharing what makes our school amazing! Here's the prompt:

What is it that makes YOUR school amazing? What do YOU have to offer your community? What is happening in your school that the whole world should know? It is ALWAYS the perfect time to share how amazing your school, teachers, and students are.

I decided to post the question in our family Facebook group. Here's what they had to say:

"Some of the things that I think make a difference:
1. Parents are involved in all processes, decision making, how funds are spent, what's important to us.
2. Social media presence allows us to see what the kid are doing all day and engage them in conversation about it.
3. Not teaching by text books or worksheets
4. The freedom given to our teachers
5. Administrators make a huge difference, they support our teachers and know our families
6. Realizing the importance of physical activity in keeping kids engaged and healthy
7. An emphasis on incorporating technology wherever possible
8. Changes do not have to be high cost, we do it on a budget
9. Finding places for parents and families to be involved wherever they can, in and out of the classroom

10. Not stifled from making decisions by burdensome bureaucracy.
11. Not afraid to try new things, tweak them, and try again
12. Nothing we are doing is too hard to replicate anywhere else!
I could keep going, but there's a start!"

"The teachers are amazing. They take learning to levels that most teachers dare not go. Why? Because it requires work. Not the kind of work that requires grading papers after hours, but work that requires teachers to interact with their students to see what students know and inquire when they don't know. It doesn't stop there. The best teaching come from the love that they have for their students. Not every student comes from perfect families. Shoot as adults, we don't come from perfect families. However, every child deserves to learn. This school and these teachers set the tone for learning. This school is simply amazing!"

"It seems to me that teachers at STAR are encouraged and allowed to be risk takers. It may sound like a small thing to non-educators, but having the professional freedom to do what you think is best for your students rather than follow a textbook or a top-down curriculum is a big deal."

"1. I love that the teachers and administrators are always looking for innovative ways to teach and help the kids learn. 
2. The teachers and staff are accessible 
3. The focus on physical activity is great 
4. The view that education is more than reading, writing, and arithmetic. It's teaching good character, having an environment where it is safe to take risks, serving our community, looking for ways to be inclusive etc.
4. The focus on creating a classroom design that helps kids learn the best way 
5. I love that parental involvement is encouraged 
6. The love of reading instilled in the children is amazing. Reading is viewed as "cool" by everyone. 7. Willingness to think outside the box."

"While wearing my parent hat - A dedicated focus on helping each kid grow from their current set of skills whether it be academic or socio-emotional.
While wearing my colleague hat - A community of learners (students, families, teachers, staff) that always inspires me to innovate and try new things."

"What I love about Star is the way the teachers and administrators inspire our kids to do better and be better not just inside the classroom but everyday life. It's not just about what they learn in their heads but instilling lessons for their hearts that make me love the school. I love the kind program and love kids in motion. Because these kinds of programs in addition to the great teachers make our children THRIVE because we are teaching kids lessons for their mind body and soul!"

"I agree with the other comments. The teachers/staff lead by example which makes all the difference. They don't tell the students to "do this" or "try this" but instead they participate on a daily basis which makes learning new things more fun and builds an atmosphere of belonging. Also, countless opportunities for parent involvement and communication contributes to a school that always feels safe and welcoming. We have no doubts that our children are in good and competent hands. The teachers are supportive and encouraging and understand the value of positive reinforcement."

Thank you to everyone for sharing your thoughts! I LOVE coming to school every day and being part of a school community where everyone is a learner and focused on what makes a difference for kids!

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