Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Unplugged Day 2

October is Connected Educator month and I have to say that I feel connected to so many awesome educators in so many ways! We chat via Voxer, connect on Twitter, Facebook, and even face to face. I love it and I have never been more inspired. Yesterday I wrote about being unplugged in Santa Cruz and then I read an amazing post by Anne Schaefer-Salinas about taking time to connect with ourselves and our families. I couldn't agree more. 

Like Anne, I have a hard time just "being". I don't do sitting still well and I too have many things on the fire. I like to be busy. But when I stay home I just don't do a great job of being unplugged. I do read, and have been known to spend a whole day in my jammies just to finish a book. But when I am at home, there are dogs to feed, fur to be vacuumed, laundry to be folded and dishes to put away. I never feel like I can really unwind when I'm at home. 

I feel like Southwest Airlines. Wanna get away? Yes! This summer we took a trip down the coast from Cambria to Santa Barbara, exploring missions and the ocean. This week, I'm in Santa Cruz . Another mission and the ocean. But I also realize something. It's not really about getting away and doing stuff. What do I really love? Sleeping in. No alarm clock. Having time to read, to walk, to blog. To practice my iPhoneography skills. Did I mention this hotel has robes? 

Sitting still. 

Have I checked my email while I'm here? Have I sent a tweet or a vox? Sure. But at least I can just be. 
Right now I'm blogging from my iPad, something I'd never done until yesterday. 

Keeping it simple. Unplugged? Mostly. But I'm happy and that feels good.

How do you unplug?

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