Monday, September 1, 2014

#IMWAYR --A most unlikely book recommendation...

Jen and Kellee host this meme- be sure to stop by and comment on their wonderful blog:

My husband is not a reader. Well, he is a reader. But he's not a card carrying member of the Nerdy Book Club! He faithfully reads all new Star Wars books, baseball books, and books about history, especially California history. And he does love to visit bookstores and buy books from the categories already mentioned. He likes buying me books. I would say he enjoys books, and reading. He would say he's not good at reading.

He's never recommended a book to me. Ever.

Until now. 

A friend of his recommended Training Camp by Jon Gordon last week. My husband read it in a day. Then, the same friend recommended The Energy Bus- same author. Two days later, he finished it. And he can't stop talking about them. He made me read Training Camp. 

We talked about our favorite parts.

That has never happened. Ever. 

I read Training Camp in one day. I loved it, and The Energy Bus is next on my list. Turns out, I'd read One Word That Will Change Your Life by the same author! 

Here are my takeaways from Training Camp-- but my biggest is that I love having a book recommendation from my husband... finally!
  1. Telescopes: for the big picture-- the vision for where we are going
  2. Microscopes: the zoom-focused actions we need every day to realize the vision we see through the telescope
  3. Everyone wants to be great
  4. The best are always striving to get better
  5. Starbucks is great because they do 100 things 10% better than everyone else
  6. Work hard on the right things
  7. Success is about little things
  8. Don't listen to naysayers. Focus on continuous improvement and getting better
  9. Say no and say yes. Say no to some things and yes to important things.
  10. Do not fear failure
There were two final questions that really made me think:

If your life was a movie what kind would it be?
Drama? Fairy Tale? Inspirational Tale? Adventure?

What role would you play?
Hero? Victim? Bystander? Underdog?

Read Training Camp-- because my husband said so!

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