Sunday, July 14, 2013

Learn. Lead. Sparkle. A new blog for a new beginning.

 CC Photo by Abby Lanes on Flickr.

      Learn. Lead. Sparkle. This blog is brand new, but the idea behind it was born last summer when I was a part of the Area 3 Writing Project Summer Institute. After applying, interviewing, and being selected to spend 4 weeks learning with 16 other K-12 educators, it was the week before the SI was set to begin. For the first day, we had to bring an artifact, some kind of visual representation of ourselves. I began looking around and  had no idea what to take. It turned out I needed a closet remodel to find my artifact. 
      My husband's remodel of our small master closet required me to drag everything so that he could install the new shelves. As I unpacked my closet, I discovered that I owned tons of sparkly things. Gold glitter flip flops. T-shirts with bling on the front. Glamourous jewels, mostly fake. Even light up high heel shoes with glitter straps! 

      I always loved buying things that sparkle, but I had no idea how much until I pulled it all out of my closet last summer. I thought about my collection of glittery things and tried to remember why I started buying sparkly things. I'm definitely not a girly-girl or princess type. That wasn't the reason. It's not about being fancy. Sparkle is all about attitude. 
      We all have those dark days, when nothing goes right. About 10 years ago I had a lot of them in a row. That's when it all started. My first glitter was sparkle face gel. I decided that on days I didn't feel so sparkly, I would wear a little with my eyeshadow. Just a little visual reminder to myself that no matter how I felt on the inside, I could still sparkle on the outside! Every time I looked in the mirror I was reminded that I could suck it up and keep going. 

     Ultimately, I ended up taking my light-up shoes as my artifact. I have actually only worn them once- where I slipped very ungracefully and ended up on the floor! Even though I have retired the shoes, I still love things that sparkle. If you see me anywhere, look for something that glitters! Every day I wear something that sparkles- most days it's a giant ring (not real, of course) - and every day I try to have a positive attitude. For the first time, after 16 years as a K-5 teacher, I am thrilled to be starting new role as an elementary lead learner ( AKA principal) in a K-3 school. I am determined to learn, to lead, and of course sparkle! I hope you'll join me!

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