Wednesday, February 13, 2013

As I explained in another post, I’ve met five authors in my life. Three this year. I’m determined to make sure that my students know, love, and meet authors. Luckily, for my students, we have Erin Dealey right in our back yard. We’d already been reading her books, which are first grade favorites. We’d written Erin letters telling her how much we love to read. And we loved it when Erin wrote back-- Erin wrote individual letters to every student in our class on cool D stationery! And then... Erin visited our class! 

We were in the middle of Reader’s Workshop, busy wilth books, just like we are every day! She entered the room, sat down with a group of kids, and joined them with their reading. At some point, one student noticed her name on her bag. “Are you... Erin Dealey?” one girl asked. Good news travels fast and soon our class realized we had a rockstar in our midst! We settled in on the carpet and Erin began to share. She showed the kids her tattered draft of Goldie Locks Has Chicken Pox that she wrote in the pickup line at her daughter’s elementary school. She read us her story Little Bo Peep Can’t Get to Sleep. And then she taught us to write poetry! We are so lucky and thankful that she visited our class!

Reading Little Bo Peep

Poetry Lesson

Writing poetry

Writer's Notebooks

Erin Dealey’s Writer’s Rap

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